Use CrashPlan to automatically backup to a network drive (NAS)

For a while I have been searching for a good, reliable and easy to use backup solution.

Eventually I found CrashPlan ( to be my preferred solution. It has a client for WIndows, Mac and Linux. But it has one major problem. You can choose to backup to a folder, external drive, a friends computer or online, but CrashPlan can not backup to a network drive. 

I have a ReadyNas Duo that I use to store all my files and backups. So of course I want a solution that can access that storage. Luckily after some searching I found a way to let CrashPlan add a network drive. 

The solution is actually pretty simple:

  1. Create a folder somewhere.  For example c:\backup
  2. Open up CrashPlan and go to the Destinations tab of the ap.  Click "Folders" and find your new folder. Leave CrashPlan running and the Destinations tab open.
  3. Delete the new folder you created and just pointed CrashPlan to.
  4. Open a command prompt (cmd.exe) and create a hardlink to the network share.    To do this type mklink /d "c:\backup" \\nas\sharename  -  Hit return.You can also mount the share so it has a drive letter and do it this way mklink /d "c:\backup" z: