Transfer playlists from Spotify to an other streaming service

Tired of Spotify ignoring the request for Chromecast integration?. Spotify now works with Chromecast. Still want to try out one of the many different music streaming services? Here is a list of ways to transfer your playlists.

Google Play Music: All Access (GPMAA)

Not exactly the most sexy product name ever, but they do have some nice features and perfect integration with Android and Chromecast.

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Portify - tested

Portify is a little tool (written using NodeJS, AngularJS and app.js) that transfers your Spotify Playlists to the new Google Music: All Access service.


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re/spin - tested

Easily import any or Spotify playlist into Rdio.


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Spotizr - tested

Sync by Spotizr

New beta sync service from spotizr.