Spotify adds Chromecast support

I took them more than 2 years, 2.400 comments and more than 9.000 votes. Now Spotify has finally implemented the most requested feature ever: Chromecast support.

On the september 29th press event Google announced the Spotify support together with the new 2015 Chromecast and Chromecast Audio and it is confirmed by Spotify.

A new version of Spotify should roll out soon. And the Chromecast has to receive a software update as well to enable Spotify streaming.

For me Spotify is now the most complete music streaming service. But if you want to try out the alternatives, check out my list of options to transfer your playlists to Deezer, Rdio, ....

Transfer playlists from Spotify to an other streaming service

Tired of Spotify ignoring the request for Chromecast integration?. Spotify now works with Chromecast. Still want to try out one of the many different music streaming services? Here is a list of ways to transfer your playlists.

Google Play Music: All Access (GPMAA)

Not exactly the most sexy product name ever, but they do have some nice features and perfect integration with Android and Chromecast.

More information on

Portify - tested

Portify is a little tool (written using NodeJS, AngularJS and app.js) that transfers your Spotify Playlists to the new Google Music: All Access service.


More information on

re/spin - tested

Easily import any or Spotify playlist into Rdio.


More information on

Spotizr - tested

Sync by Spotizr

New beta sync service from spotizr.

The Spotify alternatives: A comparison of music streaming services

For those thinking of making the switch to an other streaming service. I tested both Google Play Music and Rdio for a while.

These are some of the pros and cons I found that might be usefull for others.


Google Play Music All Access

Available music:

There probably are some differences in available music. But I didn’t find any bands that I listened to on Spotify that aren’t available on Google Music.

Sound Quality:

I didn’t notice a lot of difference.


  • Good Chromecast support
  • Tight integration with Android (Say “Ok Google, Play some music”)
  • Missing songs? You can upload your own music. Very useful feature
  • Radio stations where a lot better for me than the Spotify radio that seemed to play the same 20 songs over and over


  • No desktop player. So you can’t use the media keys on your keyboard
  • Had a few instances where it refused to start playing a song. Both on the web app and in the mobile app
  • Chrome app causes my laptop fans to make a lot of noise
  • Songs sometimes hang (beep sound for a few seconds)
  • No integration
  • See Spotify Pro’s



Available music

Comparable to Spotify. Found some missing Artists like Led Zeppelin.

Audio quality:



  • Chromecast integration
  • Sync between devices! This is an awesome feature I wished Spotify had a long time ago.

    For example: Playing something on your desktop. Your mobile app shows the song that is playing on the desktop. You can choose to take over and it continues the playlist/station on the new device.
  • Clean light interface
  • Radio station worked better than on Spotify
  • Desktop app


  • See Spotify Pro’s


Spotify Pro's over other services:

  • Apps that can be installed in Spotify (desktop). Extending the app fratures and interacting with other platforms. Spotify has removed the apps functionality. An updated version of the desktop app without the Spotify Apps is starting to roll out. By February 2015 it will be completely gone.
  • Spotify has a lot of ‘official’ playlists and users (Like playlists from festivals or radio stations) where I live (Belgium).
  • All my friends use it (but that might change if they keep ignoring their paying customers)

I haven't tested Deezer yet. Sould give that a try too. But for now I am sticking with Rdio because of the syncyng between devices.

I have also contacted their helpdesk and they were very helpfull and quick to respond.

Use CrashPlan to automatically backup to a network drive (NAS)

For a while I have been searching for a good, reliable and easy to use backup solution.

Eventually I found CrashPlan ( to be my preferred solution. It has a client for WIndows, Mac and Linux. But it has one major problem. You can choose to backup to a folder, external drive, a friends computer or online, but CrashPlan can not backup to a network drive. 

I have a ReadyNas Duo that I use to store all my files and backups. So of course I want a solution that can access that storage. Luckily after some searching I found a way to let CrashPlan add a network drive. 

The solution is actually pretty simple:

  1. Create a folder somewhere.  For example c:\backup
  2. Open up CrashPlan and go to the Destinations tab of the ap.  Click "Folders" and find your new folder. Leave CrashPlan running and the Destinations tab open.
  3. Delete the new folder you created and just pointed CrashPlan to.
  4. Open a command prompt (cmd.exe) and create a hardlink to the network share.    To do this type mklink /d "c:\backup" \\nas\sharename  -  Hit return.You can also mount the share so it has a drive letter and do it this way mklink /d "c:\backup" z:



New website

I have created a new personal website that will serve as portfolio, cv and personal blog.
For now there is not much to see here. For more details about me you can visit

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